Frequently Asked Questions

To enable ZBC to fulfill its mandate as a public Broadcaster, in terms of the Broadcasting Services Act (Chapter 12:06).

The Broadcasting (Listener’s Licences) Regulations 2003 through Statutory Instrument 245 of 2003 states that one is licensed to possess either or both of the following:

(a) One or more receivers – sound
(b) One or more receivers – television

Currently there are seven types:

  • Listener’s Licence – Rural home
  • Listener’s Licence – Urban home
  • Listener’s Licence – Radio and Television
  • Listener’s Licence – Company: Office radio
  • Listener’s Licence – Company: Television
  • Listener’s Licence – Company: Car radio
  • Listener’s Licence – Personal: Car radio

A listener’s licence is valid for one calendar year and is payable from the 1st of January of each year or immediately before purchase of a gadget (radio or television).

ZBC licence inspector have a mandate to visit homes and institutions checking for licences once every year and also check on motor vehicle radio licences. If found without a valid listener’s licence you are liable to prosecution.

A single domestic television license is required to cover both television and radio sets provided all sets so licensed are used only at the licence holder’s residential premises. All sets so licensed are used only by members of one family.

All persons who are resident with the licence holder and are related to the licence holder by blood or marriage.

No, a separate licence is required for each additional residential premise.

No, a separate licence is required for the motor vehicle radio.

Each vehicle fitted with a radio set must have its own radio licence.

Yes, a licence is required as long as the receiver is designed for the reception of a broadcasting service.

The inspector will issue a notice requiring you to produce a valid licence at your nearest police station within seven day.

Yes, only accredited diplomats to Zimbabwe and the blind or aged and indigent who can prove that they are on social welfare support.

As long as one has TV receiving equipment in one’s possession, a licence is payable regardless of what it is being used for

When one disposes of either a radio or TV by selling or giving it away a a gift, one has to notify ZBC in writing within seven days indicating the new owner and the physical address where it will be ordinarily kept

Yes, and each receiver is licensed separately.

The person who hires the TV set pays the licence fee.

No, a listener’s licence is not transferable, one need’s one’s own listener’s licence except where a husband or wife passes on.

For bulk purchases, viewers or listener’s may contact licencing office nearest to him or her for assistance.